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Energy Healing Sessions

Do any of these words resonate with you - stressed, exhausted, scattered, pulled in multiple directions, not quite yourself? Has life just taken over and you realize you've left yourself out of the equation and your cup is empty? Perhaps you have been feeling more sensitive, anxious or sad lately.

Give yourself permission for some well-deserved YOU time, as I assist you in returning to a state of relaxation and balance through an Energy Healing Session.  I'm here to help you shift blockages for your restoration to wholeness.  

Let me help you release what no longer serves you and help bring more Peace and Grace into your life.    

Certification Classes

Would you love to learn how to help yourself and your loved ones, perhaps even work towards starting up an energy healing business? Do you feel you have intuitive gifts? Would you like to develop and use your gifts in service? Think of me as a mix of gentle teacher, friendly guide and encouraging mentor.  

Learning with me, I’ll teach you how to tap into your own powerful gifts as an intuitive and energy healer.  I will help you unlock your potential within.  

I offer several classes:

Let’s turn up your Inner Pilot Light of WisdomI'd be honoured to be your teacher. 

Soul Support Sessions

Feeling lost, unhappy or stuck? Maybe life has been a bit unstable and you feel you're walking on shaky ground.  You are ready for a shift in your life and would like some guidance on what next steps to take.    

A Soul Support Session starts with energy healing and ends with a card reading using tarot, oracle and/or angel cards.  Working with our loving and supportive team (our guides and angels), a Soul Support Session can help provide confirmation, reassurance and direction for daily life, and for deeper spiritual growth on a soul level.  

I am moving and taking a hiatus from all sessions and class offerings until later Fall 2017.  
Current classes and sessions already booked are not affected by this hiatus.  Please check back then.

My name is Christine and my mission is to energetically support and gently guide Lightworkers in shifting from the head to the heart, so they can embrace their soul’s purpose and action it with clarity and confidence.  

You have unique gifts and a purpose in serving others and helping raise the vibration and consciousness on this planet. 

MY mission is to support you in YOUR mission!   

Reiki Healers in Ottawa

Lightworker: Any being dedicated to the cultivation of inner presence and

the elevation of awareness in self and other selves.  This being is called a lightworker and 

is an evolutionary step toward a state of "LightBeing".

Definition courtesy of Lightworkers.org


Please enjoy my guided meditation which can be found on the amazing app called Insight Timer! I'm so pleased it's been enjoyed with over 5,000 plays!

I used this app daily, and can't recommend it enough.  There are thousands of guided meditations to try as well as a timer you can customize to help you develop a daily meditation practice! Check out this app here: Insight Timer

One of the best healing & spiritual experiences I have ever had! First I had a lovely reading that was so clear, full of information, advice from the spirit & confirmation. I then had a reiki session that left me full of love & energy.  Christine took her time, I did not feel rushed & felt that she truly cared & exuded so much passion for what she does.  An amazing talented person. I was looking for the perfect Reiki teacher & knew instantly she was going to be it after the session I had.  Thank you Christine!

Marie-Helene Fortin of Ottawa, Ontario